Social Impact Assessment

NorthernPathways encourages the community to provide us with their thoughts on the new Grafton Correctional Centre proposal to assist in the development of a range of documents that will be submitted with the Stage 2 DA.

One of these documents will be a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) which will assess the potential social impacts of the development, aims to minimise any negative impacts and promote positive impacts of the development. The SIA will be lodged with the Stage 2 DA and, if approved, will form the basis for ongoing performance monitoring of the project. Community and stakeholder input is vital to the preparation of the SIA. This will assist us in scoping the potential social impacts. These will then be assessed and mitigation measures applied to either lessen negative impacts or to enhance some of the social benefits of the project. The SIA will then outline the ongoing monitoring and reporting requirements for the project throughout its life.

The SIA Process

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