Frequently Asked Questions – Construction


Site establishment and early work is expected to start in mid-2017.

  • Vegetation clearance and biodiversity management activities.
  • Construction of access roads including fire access roads to the extent required to conduct Stage 1 works.
  • Construction of auxiliary facilities such as construction compound, construction staff parking facilities and stockpiles sites.  
  • Temporary provision of water, power and communication services within the site.
  • Demolition of the existing house and sheds.
  • Bulk excavation and site stabilisation works.
  • Landscaping.

Subject to stage two planning approval, major construction is expected to start in early 2018 and be completed by 2019.

A number of impacts during construction are expected including noise, vibration and dust however these will be mitigated wherever possible. More information on the construction impacts and mitigations will be detailed in the stage two planning application.